How to decorate your home with pet-friendly accessories?

Hey there! Do  you have a pet? Or  are you adopting a new four-pawed to be your all time companion? 

But have you fulfilled your responsibility as a guardian of them? Have  you made your interior pet-friendly?

Surely, you would love to do that and make your home a pet-friendly one.

But the question arises: 

How to decorate your home with pet-friendly accessories?

Well, the simple answer could be replacing harmful or sharp edgy furniture , replacing them with pet friendly ones, and finding alternative ways to make the interior pet-proof and pet-friendly.

Want to know more in details? Then read this article.

How to make your home pet-friendly?(A complete guide):

You surely love your pets a lot. They are like your kids to be frank. So you must be very conscious about their comfortability at your house.

Again, surely you also won’t like it if your pets keep destroying or damaging your sofas,rugs,cushions or any other home decor accessories and furniture. But unfortunately your pets don’t understand your language and you can’t forbid them not to do this or that.

So you want to solve this problem?

Follow the steps and make your home pet-proof.

Step-1: Observe your home interior and list down all the accessories of your room: 

Note down all the accessories of your home very attentively. Don’t miss a piece. 

Step-2: Pick the delicate and unsafe items of the list and mark them red:

The elements having sharp edges. delicate/ not so durable surfaces must be marked red. Prioriotize  your pets’ comfort and mental well being in this case.

Step-3: Find replacement accessories of the red marked items:

Then your job is to find some replacement for the harmful items of your home and search for the best pet-friendly accessories as replacement.

Step-4: Find alternative pet-proofing ways for the in case you can’t replace any harmful items:

In case you can’t find the pet-friendly accessories, then you should surely find some alternative ways for those as it’s about the safety and comfort of your adorable pets. 

Step-5: Buy some pet accessories for your adorable furry friend:

Now, when you are done with the replacement, it’s time to make your pets happy. Search for some pet accessories like toys, litter,bed, blankets etc for your pets and make them the happiest pets ever.

Step-6: you can buy some extra items to make your pet-friendly interior look stylish and beautiful:

  • Pet friendly plants containing unbreakable vase.(avoiding ceramic vase or earthen pots)
  • Design  a stylish dutch door for your pets.
  • Buy your pets a feeder station and place it at a suitable place.
  • Use a litter box. Keep the litter of your pets inside that.

List of some pet-friendly accessories you’ll love: 

Name of the accessoryFunctionSample
Pet-Friendly Sofas and Couches or slipcovers as alternativeMade up of durable, stain-resistant,pet hair resistant fabrics
Pet BedsCozy, comfortable and designated space for your pet to rest.
Pet-Friendly DesksIntegrated pet spaces can keep your pet near while doing work.
Pet-Friendly BookshelvesContains extra shelves that can double as perches or hideaway spaces for cats.
Pet-Friendly multifunctional storage unitsSmart furniture that contains compartments for pet toys, food, and other accessories.
Window PerchesAttached to windows to create a comfortable and secure space for pets to observe the outside world.
Dutch doors or pet gatesSmall doors for your pets to go out.Create safe spaces for your pet or restrict access to certain areas of your home.
Pet-Safe Plants:Adds greenery to your space with plants that are non-toxic to pets, such as spider plants or Boston ferns.Contained inside a non-breakable vase for ensuring safety.
Litter Boxes for petsChoose an appropriately sized and easy-to-clean litter box.
Make your home a haven for your furry friends with our top picks for pet-friendly accessories. Discover cozy, safe, and stylish options that both you and your pets will love!

Why do you need pet-friendly accessories at home?: 

Before adopting a pet, it is very necessary for you to make your interior decor full of pet-proof accessories.

It’s important to ensure their safety and comfort as well as protection of your interiors from these innocent creatures is also very important.

Still didn’t get my point? I’ve further explained below.

Reasons you need pet-friendly accessories:


The first thing is that the pet-friendly accessories ensure the safety of your pets. The pet-friendly accessories are made with non-toxic materials and also function to avoid accidents or injuries of your pet.


The texture of pet-friendly accessories is such that they are non-sticky in nature. So, they won’t stick hair, fur etc of your pets on their surface.

As a result, your furry adorable darlings won’t lose their fur or hair coming in contact with the accessories.


Pet-friendly accessories are usually very durable and made up of long lasting materials. These accessories can withstand the wear,tear and scratches that come with having pets.


Pet-friendly accessories are designed to provide comfort and functionality for your pets. Some pet-friendly accessories are designed with the health and well-being of your pets in mind. This can reduce stress and anxiety of your pets, leading to happier and healthier pets.


The pet friendly accessories are easily washable and designed to remain  clean for a longer time.

Moreover, you can remove or change some of these accessories very easily if you need. So maintenance of these accessories is very easy and it is crucial for maintaining a clean and hygienic living environment for both you and your pets.


Pet friendly accessories are often made stain resistant. So you don’t need to worry if your pet accidentally spills their food,vomit or poop on your rug, sofas, mattress or any other things, only if they are pet proof. 

Make your existing furniture pet-friendly: (Tips and hacks)

In some cases it may get difficult for you to change all of your furniture or the whole interior.  In that case, what you can do is to bring a little change in your existing furniture or in your interior decoration and make your room completely pet-friendly.

Tips are given below:

Add covering on your furniture: 

    If you can’t replace the type of your furniture and make those pet-friendly, then no need to worry. Add a pet-friendly covering on top of them.

    You can use a covering made up of microfiber or leather or any sort of other pet-friendly durable materials.The covering will save your sofa, couch or other furniture from spills,stains as well as scratches of your pets.

    But if you somehow can’t manage a cover overnight, then you can put a blanket or towel on your delicate couches as a temporary support.

    Put pet friendly rug on hardwood flooring: 

      Hardwood flooring is not considered as pet-friendly like the LVT or the LVP flooring. This type of flooring does not have that much durable surface and can get scratched by the sharp nails of your pets. (woolen matts or carpets can be a good pet-friendly choice for you).

      So, what you can do is to just put a simple rug on the top of your floor in order to make it pet-proof. But make sure the material of the rug should be pet friendly. It should not be made of any material which may cause inconvenience for your pets. 

      Try to choose rugs made of polypropylene because it is both durable and machine -washable. So it is highly recommended.

      Use a pet-friendly rug pad under the rugs:

        You can cover up your flooring by using a rug.but what if you need to change your rug and it’s not possible for you?

        Well I have a solution for that as well. Put a pet-friendly rug pad under the rug to save your floor from stains or scratch marks. But you need to change your rug as soon as possible because it may get damaged at any time.

        Smart choice of storage inside house: 

          When you have a pet, suddenly the amount of accessories in your house increases. The toys, hair or fur accessories or the litter of your pet can be a new addition to your house.

          Moreover , you may need to protect some of your belongings from the scratches or chewing of your furry pet-friends.

          In this case, you need to think of a smarter way to store all your necessary items that will look stylish, will save a lot of space and also keep those items out of reach of your pets as well.

          Invest in a high quality vacuum system:

            As a last suggestion of mine, I will surely ask you to arrange a high quality vacuum system for your house in order to make it pet-friendly.

            When you have a pet, it’s a must do everyday work for you to vacuum your house regularly. As your furry friends often keep dropping their hair or fur here or there, it becomes quite difficult to keep the house clean

            To solve this problem, you must arrange a high quality vacuum machine for your house before adopting a pet. This is for making the cleaning easy and swift.

            Keep your pets off from your furniture:

            I’ve discussed how to make your home accessories pet-friendly. But surely it would have been a much better choice, if you could keep your pets off of your furniture.

            But how to do that? I’m giving you some ideas:

            • Use pet anti-repellent spray (like dog anti chewing sprays). These are non-toxic but made up of smells or ingredients which will keep your pet away from the sprayed area.
            • Give your pets their own comfortable furniture. Sometimes it’s better to keep your pets under boundaries and form their good habits of using their own stuff.
            • Try to give them proper training. Like using signs for getting up on your couch and training them properly to follow your commands. Using this trick, you can ask them to get off from your furniture and well -trained ones won’t even get back on those until your next command.


            In conclusion, it can be said that making your home pet-friendly is very important for the comfort, safety and well being of your pets.

            Moreover , it’s also important to protect your furniture from the scratching or chewing  habits of your pets. And you can surely ensure all these by following this article and can maintain a stylish pet-friendly environment for your four pawed adorable friend.

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