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Interior Design Ideas for Living Room You Didn’t Know

Your living room is the centerpiece of your home – the place where you most likely spend the vast majority of your time. With that, it would make sense to dedicate a little more effort to your living room’s interior design.

Pretty much, you need to know only one tip with living rooms – pick a theme and stick to it. However, while planning an interior, it’s quite easy to run out of ideas and get stuck.

To hopefully give you a helping push and motivate you a little, we want to introduce you to 9 interior design ideas for living rooms. Rather than offer a precise solution, interior designers in San Diego today is to provide you with some inspiration in living room interior design.

Living Room Interior Design Ideas

1. Combine neutrals with crazy colors

All black and white interiors look timeless and often good, but many consider them boring. Well, one way of enhancing your interior space is to add a splash of crazy colors!

The base of your living room interior design – walls, sofas, cabinets – should remain white, while small things such as accent pillows, lamps, or your coffee table should have a more lively color – brown or even red.

The great thing about white as a base color in a living room is that it pairs wonderfully with any other color – make use of this!

2. Pick a color and stick to it

Have any favorite colors? Then make it the primary color of your living room design! Even if you like mint green, you could make it work beautifully in a living room.

For the best aesthetic effect, you should combine different shades of your favorite color. Don’t forget about white as well – when used in small details, it can greatly enhance the feel that you are going for.

3. Keep your interior simple with white

If you don’t like the idea of flashing colors in your living room, then you could go the white route. White can work absolutely anywhere, and it combines especially well with modern themes.

White by itself can rook really boring and plain, however. With that in mind, you should add a touch of grays and blacks for more definition. Aside from that, you may want to think more carefully about your walls and ceiling to make them feel less empty.

4. Center your room around botanical themes

An excellent way of making your living room clean and fresh is centering it around botanical motifs. For example, you could use shades of green and moss in your interior, as well as add vegetation-themed upholstery or curtains.

Needless to say, don’t forget about adding real vegetation to your room as well!

In terms of colors, botanical motifs would best pair with white, but if you find any other color that matches your theme well, go for it.

5. Make your living room style suit your location

You are free to do anything with your living room, but making it match the theme of your location is a great idea.

For example, if we are talking about redesigning a beach house, then you could add materials and items with more tropical motifs. For some perspective, a beach house living room could have a bright interior with more casual items (such as rattan chairs) and plenty of vegetation.

In a mountain area, a more cabin-like interior with a focus on wood and rustic items would be a great way to go as well.

Just look around your area and see what details you can incorporate in your new living room.

6. Encourage chatting with your seating layout

If you have guests often, then a great idea would be to have conversation-friendly seating. More precisely, you could make use of sectional sofas or semi-circular seating. The wonderful thing about these pieces of furniture is that they allow people to face each other, making for a cozy environment for chatting.

7. Incorporate multi-function furniture

Although interior design is usually associated with aesthetics, function is its important goal as well. In terms of function, a great idea would be to incorporate multi-function furniture into your living room. It could be a coffee table with storage space, shelf floor lamps, convertible chairs, and much more.

Multi-function furniture can be especially useful in small living rooms that you can’t fill with as much furniture as you would like.

The modularity of multi-function furniture is cool as well and could accentuate your focus on space efficiency and function.

8. Fill empty wall spaces with shelves & bookcases

Walls are perhaps the most underused component in any interior. Their functional and aesthetic importance is easy to neglect. And although walls may seem insignificant in a living room, they can dictate how your space ultimately looks and feels.

With that, do not leave your walls empty! There are plenty of ways to fill up walls, but one of the most practical things you could do is to install bookcases and shelves.

These are extremely simple items that can make a big difference in a living room. Not only do they provide more space, but they can also allow you to display decorative items. If you use your imagination in how to arrange items, you could turn your walls into the highlight of your living room, accentuating and complementing its overall theme.

9. Add a home bar

Another thing you could do if you have guests often is to incorporate a home bar in your living room. Depending on how you go about this, a bar could be super-expensive, but it can help you complete your living room feel if you are running out of ideas. And needless to say, keeping guests entertained will be a little easier!

Final Words

As mentioned at the very beginning, you should pick a living room theme and stick to it. Make sure to use every square inch of space in your living room. And try to understand which should have more weight in your living room – form or function.

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