How to make the most of natural light in a small kitchen

Hey there ! Are you upset over your kitchen being too small? And want to ensure the perfect lighting for your kitchen?

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As kitchen is a day to day working place, so its very important to  ensure the arrangement of perfect lighting system. In this case surely the natural light must be the first priority.

But the question remains how to make the most of natural light in a small kitchen?

Well , placing several windows of maximum size;using light colored scheme in ceiling,walls and surfaces or using a skylight can be primary solutions. But there are also a lot of techniques to make your small kitchen look brighter and bigger.

How to do so?

Just read out the article below.

Importance of natural light in the kitchen:

Kitchen is a place where you cook food for yourself and your family. The environment of the kitchen should be refreshing and airy. This  will ensure your comfort and pleasure of mind as well. Natural light is the element which can serve this purpose of both refreshment and soothness.

The importance of natural light in the kitchen is explained under several sections below:

Easy visualization:

Natural light in your kitchen ensures easy visualization of your eyes of the cooking elements. You can do the cleaning, chopping or other cooking preparations under proper natural light.

It also helps when you pick out the dirts from spinach, identify the rotten vegetables or check the color of food while cooking.

Ensuring safety:

Proper natural light also assures proper safety. You may cut your fingers while chopping or burn your hands while spreading oils if proper light is missing.

Improvement in task efficiency:

It’s proven that natural light helps in mood enhancement which results in improving task efficiency and boosting your productivity.

If you work under natural light in the kitchen, you will notice that your working speed has increased, the outcomes are good and even the food taste gets better.

Expanding Perceived Space:

Expanding perceived space in a kitchen is a design goal that can significantly improve the overall functionality and aesthetic appearance of the area.

And the natural light will help you serve this purpose in a greater way.

Promotes sound Health and Well-being:

Natural light in your kitchen also helps you to maintain a sound health. It may influence your mood, sleep-wake cycles,sound mind and overall well beings.

Working in a well-lit kitchen can help improve your sleeping.

Ensures Perfect ventilation system:

When you focus on bringing natural light into your kitchen, you design several windows or open space in your kitchen.

These also allow air to enter into the kitchen and thus ensures a perfect ventilation system.

Supporting Circadian Rhythms:

Natural light helps regulating our body’s internal clock, or circadian rhythms. It helps us to maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle, which in turn has a positive impact on overall health.

Amazing ideas for lighting up your small kitchen:

While lighting up your small kitchen, you will have to consider the little space inside . you should not use too many accessories and must be careful to set up all the necessary items inside as well as arranging the perfect amount of natural light source.

Some outstanding ideas are given below:

Set up lighting according to your rooms dimensions:

The lighting set up of your kitchen should be done in such a way so that the kitchen looks spacious and bigger than the original size.

Follow interior decor tactics to make the most use of natural light along with artificial ones to make your small kitchen look bigger. 

Set up lights under cabinets to highlight the depth and increase visual interest.

Place several windows:

Windows are the best arrangements for the natural lights to enter into your small kitchen. For this, place several windows while designing your kitchen. It will provide you with natural light and also a good ventilation system.

Use natural lighting along with artificial Lights:

The best interior design of a kitchen is done when you set up both the natural and artificial lights together in your kitchen.

The natural lights may not reach to the edges and corners of the room. In that case you can use some artificial ones to serve you the purpose of a proper visualization.

Use Lighting fixtures:

You should use lighting fixtures in order to make your kitchen brighter. These fixtures could be mirrored or metallic fixtures that reflect more lights.

These surfaces of fixtures will reflect light, adding a sense of spaciousness and brightness to the kitchen.

Place the light at the perfect place for tasking:

Place task lighting in specific work areas, such as above the sink, stove, or countertops. This provides focused illumination for cooking and food preparation.

Tips for making the most of natural light in a small kitchen: 

Then comes the topic of making the most of natural light in your kitchen. How to do so?

Follow the Tips below:

Use Light Coloured ceiling and walls for your kitchen:

You should use light and bright colors for the ceiling and walls for your kitchen. The light colors give a soothing vibe along with an airy and easily breathing feeling.

Colors like white,sky blue, off white reflect light and make the most use of natural light.

Place windows wisely in your kitchen: 

The windows of the kitchen must be placed in the most perfect space or direction so that the sunlight can easily enter inside. 

The sizes of the windows should be maximum for easy entering of the natural light.

Keep the windows clean: 

If the windows are dusty or dirty, then it may happen that the natural light will not enter perfectly. Crystal clear windows reflect or penetrate natural light more abruptly.

Use reflective surface accessories in the kitchen: 

Reflective surfaces entice more light and make the kitchen look brighter and shiner. The mirrored and metallic fixtures or other accessories of the kitchen should be reflective to enhance the natural light experience.

Reflective flooring surface: 

Surface color and texture of the floor should be reflective so that it entices light. The marbled floor or tiles are much preferable by many people for this quality.

These surfaces bounce natural light around the room, creating a brighter and more open feel.

Use open cabinets or shelving:

Open cabinets or shelves makes your kitchen look brighter. So you should not use closed cabinets to avoid a claustrophobic space.

Do not overcrowd your kitchen:

Most importantly, do not overcrowd your kitchen space with more and more accessories. Try to keep open space in your kitchen. Too many elements in your kitchen will create more edges and shadows , which will make your kitchen look darker.

What happens if natural light is not available in your kitchen?

Sometimes it may happen that the natural light is unavailable in your kitchen. And you are depending too much on artificial lights.

Vitamin  D deficiencyReduced visibilityHealth issues , lack of sound mind
Irregular sleep patternLess working efficiencyConnection with nature
In case you may face:

Increase natural light in your kitchen: 

Sometimes it may happen that the kitchen is placed in such a position that the natural light hardly comes in . Then you can do these followings:

Trimming the obstacles if possible: 

If the obstacles which are blocking the natural light to enter  into the surface is like a fence or old tree which can be removed or trimmed away ,then it should be done right away .

Maximize the window size: 

The bigger windows allow more light to enter. So you can surely maximize the size of the windows to provide more natural light for your kitchen.

Also you should use short window coverings and clean the windows regularly for maximum entrance of light.

Place a Mirror: 

Just placing a mirror at a corner of your kitchen may create a brighter look for your small kitchen. This helps amplify the natural light and makes the space feel more expansive.

Additional skylight or solar tubes: 

Additional skylight or solar tubes can ensure more natural light to enter  into your kitchen .


In conclusion , it’s clear that natural light is very important for working in a kitchen. A good light setup in the kitchen makes it look brighter and bigger. So the special tips must be adapted by you to make your small kitchen look brighter , shiner and bigger.

Prepare the best design for your small kitchen. 

All the best!

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