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Pediatric dental office interior design: A heaven of interior designing

We are a group of interior designers who do designings for many households in our own interior design firm in San Diego.

We can claim ourselves to be one of the best interior designer companies in San Diego. Although I can’t claim that I’m one of the best interior designers in San Diego. But that didn’t matter because we can get our work done just perfectly as a whole team.

Recently we got a request from a children’s dentistry in Arkansas. It is called Pediatric Dentist Jonesboro Ar’. It was a well-known and reputed pediatric dentistry of Jonesboro. That’s why we couldn’t let down their request.

So, we have revamped it and now, we can say with confidence that the Pediatric Dentist Jonesboro Ar is now the best looking pediatric dentistry in Jonesboro, Arkansas. 

It also lets us proudly say that we are still one of the best interior decorators in San Diego. 

Are we just boasting though? No, we are not boasting or bluffing. Allow me to tell you how we have made a heaven of interior designing in Pediatric Dentist Jonesboro Ar.

Our interior designing ideas

First, we need to make a visual representation of the pediatric dental office. We used a 3D render software called Blender in order to make our presentation.

The Pediatric Dentist Jonesboro Ar has put faith on us and left us to do any interior design we want. For a pediatric dental office interior design, you have to pay attention to what kids like.

For example, kids these days watch a lot of cartoons, read comics and stuff, watch movies and many more. Now-a-days they are into Japanese animations like anime, manga and other stuff like that.

But only keeping a child’s view was not enough for us. We have to consider the feelings of a parent, too. Thus, we decided not to make it disturbable for both the parents and kids.

We decided to make the theme of the interior design as minimal as possible. Although the dentists’ room and waiting room are getting some child’s prop.

Children are to learn from anything they see. We should make it as more educational as possible for them. Putting some numbers, letters, animals, fruits would be a good idea.

We decided that most of the part of the pediatric dental office should follow the rules of modern dental practice interior design ideas. Though that could be a bit tricky to make a modern dental office for kids.

But somehow, we got our way into it and finally made our ultimate dental office interior design plan.

Our ultimate interior design plan and work

Dental office

It was rough for us to make a plan for this sort of pediatric dental office. It made us more nervous as the pediatric dentistry is a reputed one in Arkansas.

Still we managed to pull off a plan of how we are going to design the interior of the pediatric dentistry.

That’s how it looks: After entering from the entrance, you will see a reception. The reception desk will be made out of marble tiles. It can ensure the beauty as well as the safety of the office and also the receptionist.

Now, there is approximately one waiting room, two doctor chambers, two operation theaters and one balcony.

The color of the interior is going to be white. We gave a strong thought about the color. The idea was to make it as aesthetic as we can. Also, white will match the color of the teeth. Just kidding!

The white could be the most aesthetic color we could find in the world, though some other interior designers of ours recommended olive and beige colors. But we stuck to white.

The color of all the walls are white and the color of the reception desk was also white.

The waiting room was specially designed for kids. It has a lot of graffities on the walls. Although we colored the wall white, the graffities had totally covered them up.

The theme of the waiting room was superheroes. Mostly from Marvel and DC comics and movies. The graffities include Batman, the Spider-man, the Hulk, the Superman, the Iron-Man and many more superheroes. We are quite certain that kids are going to love these walls.

Now comes the doctor chambers. Nothing fancy, just the white color on the walls and the operation theater is also the same.

The balcony looks plain as we just colored it in whole white. Actually that’s what the authorities told us, they didn’t want anything fancy for the balcony.

So, that was the ultimate plan of ours and we managed to do all of these in just two weeks. Two weeks is also often a long time. It was for war, but we can say that it was totally worth it.

The cost of the interior design

Children Dentistry

Now, there was no room to bargain. They wanted to go for the best interior design and so did we.

If we break down the costs here, then we should start off with the walls, right?

Normally a square feet of wall would cost $3 to $4. We charged them for $4 as they wanted the best work from us. The entire area of all the walls combined is 500 square feet. Coloring the walls cost them about $2,000 total.

The cost of the colors were not included here. In general, the price of each color type is different from one another. We used oil color paintings for the walls. It costs us around $20 per gallon and we had to buy 70 gallons per 100 square feet. So, the total cost of purchasing the color for painting is $1,400.

Then, the graffities cost them around $500 extra. We have some talented painters among us who can draw anything on a wall. 

The costs to set up and build the reception desk was about $1000. The marble tiles are pretty expensive these days.

 So, including our fees, the total cost of revamping the Pediatric Dentist Jonesboro Ar was around $5,300.

My experience in the interior designing

With designing this whole pediatric dental office, now, I can call myself a dental office interior designer.

Interior room and relaxation area luxury children dentistry

I had a lot of fun during the whole process of revamping. My colleagues were always helpful to me. I was the Executive Designer of our interior designers’ firm.

I had to make the models of the 3D presentations and had to prepare a visual experience for others. With my instructions they were able to measure the whole structure of the building.

Though I was not of enough help for them, still all of us had the time of our life revamping this pediatric dental office.

This project helped us, especially me, to learn many things about pediatric dentistry. It’s hard when we have to arrange everything with both a child and a parent’s point of view.

But the result was satisfactory enough for me to work hard for two weeks straight. And the owners of the Pediatric Dental Jonesboro Ar were pleased with our work.

Before you go

Well, you might be aware of this that each interior design has its own set of structures, rules, colors, designs and many more things.

Here, you get to know about the interior structure of a pediatric dental office. It was quite a hassle because we had to keep the children’s point of view in our mind.

Though it was quite fun and a unique project for us.

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