How to decorate a small living room on a budget

How to decorate a small living room on a budget?

Hey there! Why are you so stressed?

If I’m not wrong , you have a small living room and you want to give it such an outstanding look that everyone becomes amazed. But you will have to consider your budget as well and you really don’t know how to decorate a small living room on a budget.

Maybe , I can help you in this case.The normal answer of this question could be to set up a perfect budget, choose the right accessories and use your creativity to give your living room a starling look. 

Still confused? Then just checkout the points of this article.

Things to keep in mind before decorating your living room: 

The things you must always consider before decorating your living room are given below:

  • The living room should portray your aesthetic sense and creativity
  • The number of accessories should not be too much.  The living room should have enough space so that people can move easily.
  • The living room should not contain unnecessary furniture or accessories.
  •  Sitting arrangements is a must in a living room
  • The walls and floor can also be decorated for an eye-catching look of a living room.

Accessories for a small living room:

As you have a small space in your living room, you must choose the decorative items wisely. 

It could be divided in the following sections:

Main part:

It includes the main furniture of your living room and this surely prioritizes the sitting arrangements for your guests and family.

It could be-

  •  Sofa sets,chairs, couches, lovesac sactionals or any other seat you can choose.
  • Tables or side tables.

Wall decoration:

The walls should be decorated beautifully so that it attracts the eyes of people.

It includes-

  • The color of your wall
  • Wall paintings
  • You can follow the wall decor ideas with items like hanging statues, plants etc.

       3.Floor decoration:

The floor must be clean .if you want you can include here-

  • Floor rag or floor mattress.
  • Textured floor.

       4.Extra decorative accessories:

This is the part of your section which will bear the unique side of your room. It can be anything. A showpiece, a candle holder, a statue, sculpture, any sort of plants or vase of flowers you may like. This extra thing will give an extra amount of beauty to your living room.

But you should not use a lot of these types of accessories in your living space.

Living room decoration ideas: 

Living room decoration ideas

If you don’t know how to start the decoration of your room, then I can give you some ideas:

  • Firstly, set up your budget plan. And choose and select some furniture and set the budget for each section mentioned above wisely.
  • Set up a theme for your living room.set the color of your wall accordingly. If you want a serene feeling, set up a light color on your wall, it will also make your room look bigger. If you want brighter shades then also choose the colors accordingly.
  • Select the sitting arrangements. As your living space is small you should choose  multipurpose items as seating. But remember to choose the right dimension of the item according to the measurement of your room. Otherwise it may take up the whole space.
  • Then choose some side furniture like tables, side tables etc. 
  • Choose a floor rug or mattress for the floor decoration.
  • The walls are very important for room decoration. It should not remain totally empty. You can hang pictures, frames, flower pots etc on the wall.
  • The lighting of your room should serve the purposes of both necessity and aesthetics. You can choose lamp shades, chandeliers for extra lighting arrangements in your living room.
  • You can place a mirror in your living room for enhancing the look.
  • Lastly, you can choose an extra showpiece accessory according to your personal preferences which will attract the eyesight of your visitors.

Budget plan for your small living room: 

In the case of decorating your living room, a perfect budget plan is the first thing you will need. Because you will have to select items to buy based on their prices you can afford.

Main Accessories(50 to 60)% of total budgetWall decoration( 15 to 20) % of total budget
Floor decoration(10 to 15)% of total budgetExtra decorative accessories(5 to 10)% of total budget
Here I have shown how you can distribute your budget on your living room decor items:

Living room decorator accessories ( List and Price): 

In the case of decorating your living room, after fulfilling necessity comes the sense of visual aesthetics. Just a piece of accessory can add more glamor to your living room. And these accessories are the part which will make your living room look unique.

I have suggested some common  accessories people use along with their prices below:

High Budget Accessories: (price range $100 and above)

Accessories NameSpecifications  Prices
Light chandeliers(Progress Lighting P4008-31)Color: Black and AshDimensions:Diameter– 21 inchHeight- 16 inchQuantity : 5 chandeliers$104
Asian Modern Table Lamp Brand: Possini Euro DesignColor: Teal (Glaze textured)Material : CeramicDimensions : Height – 27 inchWidth – 15 inchDiameter- 15 inch$ 129.99
Handmade Eagle Statue CraftsBrand:DELURA XUGANGMaterial: Made by resinDimensions : Height – 44 cmWidth – 21 cmLength- 34 cm$259.
FootstoolBrand:SIMPLIHOMEColor: Black, blue and redMaterial: Made of Jute fabric and base frame is made of wood.Shape: RoundDimensions:Height – 14 inchWidth – 18 inchDiameter- 18 inchSeat Height-13.98 Inches$109.00
Wall hanging MirrorBrand: BHVXWShape: SunburstMaterial: woodColor: Gold
Dimensions:Length – 23.6 inchWidth – 23.6 inch.
Those who have a hefty budget can skim through the accessories and their specifications listed below:

Medium Budget Accessories: (price range under $100 )

Accessories NameSpecifications  Prices
Light chandelierBrand:WmdtrType:Post-Modern Pendant LampColor: GoldMaterial: Iron and MetalSpecial feature: can be adjusted$68
Sculpture  craftsBrand: genericType: Angel Wings Statue SculptureColor: Purple and goldenMaterial: Hand painted polyester materialDimensions : Height – 23 cm / 9 cmWidth – 28 cm / 10.2 cm
Fine Art Living Table Lamp Brand : Fine Art LivingModel:KT1012
Color : MulticolorMaterial : MetalLight Source : LED
FootstoolBrand:SIMPLIHOMEColor: Natural, Dove gray and deep aquaMaterial: Made of hand braided Jute and cotton fabric and base frame is made of wood.Shape: RoundDimensions:Height – 14 inchWidth – 18 inchDiameter- 18 inchSeat Height-13.98 Inches$83.00
Wall hanging MirrorBrand: NeuTypeShape: RoundMaterial: Frame Material- Glass, AluminumColor: Black with colored Glass
Dimensions:Length – 28 inchWidth – 28 inch.
Here I’ve listed the medium-budget accessories and their attributes:

Low budget Accessories:(price range $10 to $50 )

Accessories NameSpecifications  Prices
Light chandelierBrand:BESTOYARDColor: White and pink (Floral printed)Material: PVC and IronPieces: 4 pieces$28
Statue craftsBrand: Design ToscanoType : Roman Forum Temple of Castor and Pollux Straight ColumnColor: Stone Finished FauxMaterial: Made by resin
Dimensions : Height – 12 inchWidth – 7 inchLength- 2.5 inch
Mini Modern Texture Pastel Accent Bedside Table Desk LampBrand:Simple DesignsModel:LT 1138-GRY 11.02″Type: TraditionalMaterial: CeramicDimensions:Height – 11.02 inchWidth – 6.5 inchDiameter- 6.5 inchSpecial feature: Can be dimmed$20
Home sitting poufBrand:Christopher Knight HomeColor: Ivory and BlackDimensions:Height – 17 inchWidth – 20 inchDiameter- 20 inchSeat Height:16 Inches
Material:Seat material -Fabric Frame material- Engineered Wood Top Material-PolyesterShape:Round
Wall hanging MirrorBrand: StonebriarShape: SunburstMaterial: MetalColor: Gold
Dimensions:Length – 22.83 inchWidth – 22.83 inch.Diameter of the frame-24 inchDiameter of the mirror alone – 8.7 inch
People with a tight budget can go throught these items mentioned here:


In conclusion, it can be said that your living room decoration holds the image of your inner self and creativity. It also represents your aesthetic sense and vision towards life. 

A perfect budget plan along with your creativity can give your living room a unique decoration.

Follow the instructions in this article and decorate your small living room in such a way that your guests become amazed.

Good luck!

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